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Quitting Zoloft

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Do you find any way ?

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Pfizer and the medical community have not come up with an explanation.
Since my entry was made, I have had genetic testing. The testing proves, my body is a rapid metabolizer of the drug Zoloft. I have also learned that Zoloft depletes magnesium from the body. Zoloft distrupts the flow of sodium. Both are needed in sufficent quantities and in a steady rate to help function properly.
What I believe is happening, is that being a rapid metabolizer of Zoloft, my body depletes the magnesium more quickly and distrupts the sodium more quickly. Thus causing increasingly severe heart palpitations. Theses severe heart palpitations cause more anxiety, which causes more palpitations. I have increased my intake of magesium l-theorate and sodium beyond what the doctors believe I should be consuming.
From my research, both the magesium and the sodium are needed for muscles and the nervous system. Again, the medical community will not confirm or deny what I have found out.
Additionally, I have found that the heart palpitation medication, Propranolol, deleted by B vitamins. That caused a constant pin prick feeling. Thanks to a friend who is a natural healing practioner, I found, Nerve Renew, a product manufactured specifically to help with this issue. Within a week of starting Nerve Renew, my problems with the pin prick feeling started to be relieved. Within 2 weeks, the problem was alleviated.
With the help of natural healing practioner, I have started drinking ginger root tea to help support my heart.
Plus I am doing acupressure at home and recieve acupuncture treatments every other week.
I am feeling considerable better.
On August 12th, 2023, I plan on starting another taper. I will make a post about the results.
Please reach out to me. I have more information.