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@hopeful33250 Good evening,
I do not know about foods for these diseases. My son started having seizures two years ago. They kept on recurring. No doctor he then had could find any cause or his source of illness. Two months ago a new and competent doctor had three biopsies done on my son’s left shoulder by his neck. I do not know what the biopsies showed but my boy had prepared his funeral, seen to his wife and two sons future and started giving his prize possessions to family members. He is stoic and remains sounding the same as always. He does not want publicity of an sort about his illness. I just do not know what to expect. I am still grieving the loss of my husband on November 9th 2015. my son was only forty eight when he had the first seizure. He turned fifty on April 17th this year. Why would he take such final steps even before the biopsies? I have so many questions and I am looking for a glimmer of information from someone who has suffered such symptoms. Thank you for sharing and for reading my message.

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As a fact and unfortunate situation, “if seizures continue to occur (often
called status epileptus)–it’s time to seek a second opinion or another
doctor who specializes in this field. An epileptologist or even well known
and respected neurologist. That way you can validate the prognosis or
situation more accurately.