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@mswanda Good evening mswanda, I had previously spoken with another person on the Mayo Forum whose husband had several seizures and later was diagnosed to have Wegener’s disease. My youngest son keeps his illness private but he has had continuing seizures After quite awhile while his doctor was trying to find out why, a new doctor has taken 3 biopsies along my son’s left shoulder near his neck. He has planned his funeral and is giving his dearest possessions away. He does not want me or anyone to talk to him about it. I lost my dear husband six months ago and now my grieving includes my baby, my last of eight children. I cannot hold him and console him and my heart i breaking once again. I buried his brother who died when hit by a hit and run driver never
caught in 1996. Now my youngest son is ill and preparing to die. Is there any dis ease that mimics Wegeners that is non lethal? I am grasping at straws? Thank you for anything like this that a dear one or yourself has suffered.

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I am so sorry for your loss and private grieving. It is so hard to lose someone you love dearly. We have Lynche’s Syndrome a mutated cancer gene in my family. I have had to give them all back to God. My daughter was 29 4 days after her Birthday. I’ve had Cancer too. My daughter told me about 3 weeks before she left this world that sometimes God needs an Angel home sooner than others. If you need some one to chat with let me know. Hugs and prayers 

Welcome to Connect, @skunklady13.
It is incredibly hard to lose someone you love and it just isn’t right to have to say good-bye to our children. Thank you for sharing your story with @emmur16 and @mswanda.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that you can find a place to express your loss and grief. Perhaps you can find a support group in your community. Sharing is an important part of any loss experience. Take care of yourself.

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