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Hi Jack (@kecaj) ,

I understand what you must be going through. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Vasculitis, which turned out to be an even more rare form called Livedoid Vasculopathy. I have a great deal of contacts within the community, one of which I recommend speaking to time and time again.

I would connect with “Jim Bornac” – Vasculitis Advocate
His knowledge on Vasculitis never ceases to amaze me. I did a walk for Vasculitis a few years back with my son with Vasculitis Canada org, met some amazing people there. I sent him a message just now inviting him to join this discussion.

I hope you get the answers you’re looking for!

Good luck my friend.


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I don’t need any answers now because my husband passed from cancer after getting him in remission from Wegeners . When he was diagnosis they thought vasculitis was a symptom of Wegeners but now they know Wegeners is a form of vasculitis. They believed it could have been caused by stress. My husband was a painter and never wore a mask to protect him from inhaling fumes. He did one job where there was deadly mold which could of caused it since it began in his lungs and sinuses. Also they linked Wegeners to scaling of teeth which he had a lot of that done. I don’t believe there is a link to food. Also when my 13 yr old son died in a freak accident they planted a tree at his middle school and he went almost everyday to water it and sprayed pesticides to stop the bugs from eating the leaves which he could have inhaled. That could be a link to food is the pesticides they use on fruits and veggies to stop the bugs from destroying the crops during growth. I believe it was something he inhaled or from the tooth scaling since it started in his lungs and nose.

Dear Martin,
Can Vasculitis and Wegener’s disease have similar symptoms? Wegener’s symptoms are lethal but not Vasculitis. Am I correct?