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I’m so sorry that you’re having to go through this. I feel that sometimes our breast tissue changes according to where we are within our cycle (assuming that you’re premenopausal). Things seen may not be as visible during another time of month.

How does the rash look? Do you still see or feel any redness? Your description sounds as though it could be an indicator of inflammatory breast disease or cancer. I might ask the oncologist about that.

I understand your concern and hope you receive further direction during your appointment.

Also, perhaps you can discuss with your oncologist if genetic testing should be considered ♥️

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oh good point about breast changes during our cycles and how that may appear how things look on ultrasound - that makes me feel less anxious. The redness and itchiness is still there but it's really odd..it hasn't gotten worse but not better per se - i'm going to ask the oncologist about it tomorrow -i don't have any of the other symptoms that would indicate IBC, so while i still think it's a possibility i'm not as concerned about it. My birth mom just did genetic testing and will get her results in the next few days - i may still get the testing because i know it's possible for her to not have the BRCA gene mutation and i still could as it could have come from my birth father's side (i know nothing about that side of my biological family). If the oncologist feels it's ok to wait 6 months or not do any additional imaging, then i think this will lessen my anxiety - thank you for your response!