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You could push for a biopsy. At your age and with family history, you might feel a lot better. I assume that in 6 months the docs will look to see if anything has gotten bigger. Let us know what the oncologist says. I wonder if they do biopsies to help with the inevitable anxiety. One breast oncologist removed a dark spot on my breast for that exact reason, and because I was pregnant at the time she said I didn't need any extra worries.

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Yes i'm very interested to see what the oncologist will say - i work in healthcare (family health team - i'm a social worker) - one of the docs explained to me that while i may think doing a biopsy now will help with my anxiety, going through such a procedure when it hasn't even been determined if it's necessary or not could possibly increase my anxiety more. To be honest, if the two ultrasound results were not so different, i don't think i'd be as anxious as i am now. If the first ultrasound came back as ok "solid mass, probably benign" and bi-rad of 3, come back in 6 months..sure i'd still be nervous about it but not this nervous - i''m trying to trust the second ultrasound i had because it was done at a breast clinic and they literally spend all day looking at breast tissue - but what if the first one was correct and whatever they saw was missed on the second one - so hopefully the oncologist can also provide some clarity around this - thanks for your response