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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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ladyjane85 I am sorry you have so much pain, I think all of us here suffer a lot and it seems they (the rulers) are trying to make it more. I have lost count of the surgeries I have had and I have decided to not have any more if at all possible. I am 68 and have had chronic pain since I was 20 so I think it is time to stop prolonging things and let God make the decisions for me. I hope things go well for you and that if you have this surgery it will be the one to make things better for you. I have talked to my doctor about things and he suggested a hospice? I need to explore that more with him. God Be With You. 19lin

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Hello @19lin
I am very interrested in your health
Condition. Is it, severe enough for hospice? I feel very much for you.
As I have pain,and my husband
has pain continuously.
Result of hip REVISION. IT ALL
isn’t any pain meds for him
As he lost an eye to gloucoma.
Must be very careful. Vision poor.
He is suffering now from side effects
of radiation therapy for pros
tate cancer.
Like you, he, has put this all in God’s
Be strong,i believe you are.
Blessings on you

19lin Are you able to dress yourself and do a bit each day? I went into
a continuing care community where I have
my own apartment, with light housekeeping done, and a dining room for
meals (or can be sent up on a tray). When
I get worse I will go to assisted living – the they he nursing and rehab
on campus, and a memory care building. Or
there are living facilities where you start off in assisted living. I
cannot believe dr suggested hospice unless you are
near death’s door. Please look into other facilities where if money runs
out you will be helped by medicaid.. The very best to you.
ladyjane85 I am now 86, can often go up o 10 pain level in back, but can
still drive to drs.

@19lin I’m glad that you have a doctor that you can speak frankly with about life decisions. I was reviewing your posts to remind myself of your health issues and I see that you have helped so many people on Connect. Thank you.

As you may be considering hospice, perhaps you’d like to share on this discussion thread https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/colleenyoung-as-you-know-through-my-posts-ive-had-epilepsy-migraines-in/ where Kay asks: “At what point do I bring Hospice into the picture?”