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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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Hi. I’m Michelle and I’ve recently had a lumbar spine surgery, which really went very well for my back and took away all the pain. But about three weeks after the surgery I developed nerve pain in the top of my foot and in my big toe . I just begun to take gabapentin but my system doesn’t seem to enjoy it. I feel spacey but I can tell it lowers the pain except at night. Just today I tried wrapping A lidocaine patch around the top of my foot and kind of over my big toe. It is really made a difference today, then again I am not sure if it’s the gabapentin small dose, or the patch I put on. I have had this chronic pain now for approximately two months perhaps a little longer.

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Hello Michelle. You mentioned having lumbar surgery. I am about to have surgery, laminectomy, for severe sciatica pain in my legs that I have had for over two years. I have tried everything else so surgery is the next step. I will be 72 this year and am otherwise in good health. I am hopeful that it will help but the closer I get to the date – June 6th – the more I am thinking too much! What was your surgery for exactly.

I would like to hear more from
twokitties. Concerning her upcoming
surgery on her legs.
I seem to be suffering from the same conditions. Seeing chiorpractor
now,not sure.have it so bad in hips and down
legs. Had PT also,cannot take one
mile walk anymore. I too am 72.
Love to hear from anyone.

@twokitties. Do not worry over a laminectomy – it is a small
incision to remove the troubled area. Wait until you need surgery
long incisions up and down with rod and screws. I have had 5
surgeries, and many needle procedures. I sincerely hope yours works
and that is as far as you need to go in surgeries….ladyjane85

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