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dbentley – I had the pain stimulator put in about 3 years ago, one
that St Judes uses, true it rumbled my body badly, did no good, and
would continue to rumble even after shut off. Had it taken out last
year. True there may be a newer model, but I am reluctant to have a
6th surgery with 38 staples again. Nothing seems to work for me. hank
you – you have an updated one that seems to work better, but one can
only withstand so many surgeries…..

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Yes that sounds bad all thoughts surgeries. I think because I have a
degenerative disease surgery has never been a option for me.
So what do you do for your pain? Do you see a specifically a pain Dr.? I
do , and his NP specializes in pain also.
I think the important think is you have pain relief. You have the right to
live without debilitating pain. You should have pain relief. Why did they
give you all those surgeries? Are you taking pain medication? There is
nothing wrong with taking the right pain medication for your pain. No
matter what the medication. Under a pain Drs care you will be fine they
won’t let anything bad happen.
So how is your pain?

I have gotten myself involved in a few organizations through Facebook and I
like to just use twitter because I read a lot and its fun. The things I’m
doing are for the endangered animals and some for the environment. I do
writing and petition signing and sharing on Facebook. Animal abuse is
something I’ve always worked against but with Facebook there are horrible
things on there. I like political science so I’m always talking and
studying that. The other new thing I’m doing is I live on St Regis River in
the Adirondacks. Iv got several apps from Cornell for bird identification,
I have a Hugh nest in my try and they have a nest watch and bird feeder
watch and mostly I do it from bed or my kitchen window or front French
doors. There are bald eagles I see all the time and blue heron. I’m writing
without my glasses I hope its not to bad. I am on a new drug that’s helping
me its for migraine and I had a epidural 2 weeks ago so I’m OK. Traveling
is hard for me still . I’m trying to wright this with my cat crossing me
one way then the next .well that’s it. I’m doing good. Oh I forgot I’m
doing meditation apps for pain or to relax and for sleep and I think they
are really helping me. Thanks for listening

I tried the simulator but only as a test. Hurt like hell but when I went
back the dr moved the wires around and it
Felt good, he mapped where they were and then removed them. I already have
a pain pump and did not want another machine in my body, but it felt great.
Maybe you should find another dr to test it first for one or two days and
match it to your pain, then say no or yes. But give it another try because
it might help a lot briansr.Good luck!!!

to @briansr from ladyjan85 Had the trial on neurostimulator and then
the implant for over one year. Did nothing better than a TENS
unit which is only supposed to make your brain forget the pain and listen
to the rumble. Huh. If a lot of pain, up to 9 and 10 level does no good.
Since this reqired 38 staples to remove, and I had the best neurosurgeon I
certainly would not try it again. They admit it MAY reduce as much as 50%
of some pain….

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