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And the ingredient in brownies is pot which is illegal but I don’t know
what state your in. Your pain Dr is in charge of that.

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People not understanding what pain does to you and the hopelesness feeling you have about it is a major frustration. I do try to keep a positive attitude each day because I enjoy staying as active as I can and my mind still has not realized that the body can’t do everything that my mind wants it to. My pain doctor is probably doing everything he knows to do. I have a pain pump with Hydromorphone and Fentanyl pumping the drugs into my body 24 hours a day. I can take a up to 4 Hydrocodone in addition a day. I just had my old Spinal Cord Stimulator replace with the newest on the market. I was told that many people that did not get any relief from the old style would get relief from the new one. I was also old that the average patient would get relief by the time they had gone thru 4 or 5 programs on the stimulator. Well with my luck, I have gone thru approximately 18 programs and still can not tell any difference. Each program has 8 stages before you move to the next ptogram, that is 144 stages that I have gone through and still nothing.

I have a major gripe about my Pain doctor, when I see him, I get as high a 4 to 6 minutes time before with him before he leaves. I know that he is busy and he maybe frustrated at not being able to get me any relief (but I doubt it) but I am the one that brings up new meds or procedures to try. If he thinks I will benefit from it he will agree to try it. Considering trying to find another doctor but since he implanted the Pain Pump and both stimulators it will be difficult to find a doctor who wants to take control of my care.

I have considered going to either the Mayo Clinic or there is supposed to be a Hospital that specializes in Neuropathy. I am ready to try anything. If someone can prove to me that eating cow manure will stop the pain, you had better keep a watch on your cows. I really appreciate this Forum in that I do see different treatments or meds mentioned timt to time.