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Hi @diamond22, and welcome to Connect. I’m glad you’ve reached out through Connect for suggestions on relieving your neck pain. I moved your post to the Chronic Pain – Let’s Talk discussion as there are many members who are discussing this topic and experiencing similar pain symptoms.

I’m also tagging @leh09 who has also received epidurals for pain, and @seanbeck and @sharonmay7.

@diamond22, how are you currently managing the pain?

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As mentioned, my Neuro gave me the 2nd dose of Botox this month and I’m on
preventive medicines. I even used the Cefaly but that stopped working
too. Right now, nothing is working.

I have had every epidural but they do not work either on my 25+ yrs of
pain. The body isn’t fooled anymore , I guess, but I respond badly to
all pain meds. The implanted stimulator gave me more problems….

Are u talking about noted for migranes?? Sharonmay7