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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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Hello Sharonmay7,

Thanks for your reply! I apologize for getting back to you so late — its
9:28 PM and my day (night) is just starting. I’ve been asleep almost all
day since 6:30 AM when I tried to start today. Yes the pain is really bad
today. I’ve had to resort to taking the prescribed narcotics to try to
ease the pain, and one of their several side effects is that I sleep all
the time.

Although I have a B.S. in telecommunications, I can’t find a job because I
always have to take a nap during the normal workday. Additionally, no
company wants to take a chance on me because I am too much of a liability.
If I fall on the job, they all think I will sue the company. Even though I
have offered to sign a waiver stating I would never sue any company that
interviewed me, I have still been rejected. Yes it’s really tough trying
to live on a fixed income. Sometimes I get so mad at the politicians who
always seem to find a “loop hole” so there is rarely a real COLA on my SSDI
check, but really that doesn’t help. I have finally realized that a bad
attitude doesn’t help the pain at all.

I have tried just about every “latest cure” for the arthritis, but nothing
has truly worked. My last attempt was to buy Dr. Ho’s pain therapy system
— but it barely helps. It’s a TENS unit that is pretty strong and has 7
modes or treatment options. The real problem though is that for it to
really work, I need to attach 16 TENS pads to my whole body, and then run
it all day long. Additionally, it does nothing for the constant migraines
I suffer from.

I too joined this site in hope that I might be able to find something that
will help me. So it was really nice to hear from you. I have tried and
tried to help my family (brother and sister-in-law and their grown
children) to understand why I rarely make any of the family get togethers,
but honestly, they have no clue. Although I wouldn’t wish this on my worst
enemy, it wasn’t until my brother hurt his knee and couldn’t walk without
limping, that he finally caught an idea of what it’s like to have constant
pain all the time. Fortunately, a shot of cortisone eliminated his knee
pain so of course, he told me to make sure I should see his doctor so I
could get cortisone shot in every area that causes the pain. I kept his
request to myself because I would need at least 30 or more shots of
cortisone if it were to help, and there is no guarantee that it would
help. Oh well…

Thanks so much for listening Sharonmay7! I really appreciate being able to
talk or chat with someone about this hell I live in. I think the hardest
point for me is that I watch my body falling apart while my mind is still
active. Unfortunately another side effect of the narcotics is that I can’t
seem to remember much of anything. My short term and long term memory is
fading, and if I don’t write most everything down and make notes for
myself, I forget what I am doing.

I hope you don’t mind, but I added your name to my prayer list, and truly,
I pray that things will improve for you. If you don’t mind, and please
know I am not a ‘stalker,’ what state are you located in? Thanks, I live
in Arizona — actually I live in Tucson, Arizona. Thank you again for
the good thoughts and your wish for better nights for me. I do hope to
hear back from you as well.

Best Wishes,


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I live in PA, you would not like our winters up here!!! The cold winters are hard on pain!Thanks for your prayers!! I’m married and have 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren!! Hard to believe…but they are my light!! That’s what makes me smile! You are so right abounded people not being able understand!! Even if they try. They are the lucky ones. My husband, Doug tries to help when i have migraines. He himself has had migraines so he dose understand that part! But day after day I think he gets feeling lonely when I’m in bed, ten days in row!!! Well you stay nice and warm down there in the sunshine…. Hope tomorrow is a better day!! Take care…..sharon

My doctor has prescribed Nuvigil for me. Lately the insurance has been a
problem but it works very well. I would fall asleep at stop lights.
Hope you get some relief.

HI I miss most family get togethers. It depends if I had a epidural
lately. My sister is coming to town and will be staying with my so who has
4 children. I’ll try to come over one night to watch a family movie.last
4th of July they all came here and made a camp fire and lite different
sperkler products. .Then they went to the fireworks. I make it to
thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, you know. Once I get to my sons I don’t
do a lot. I’m there a few hours and they live close. However on a daily
basis everyone has to come to my house. I live alone with my cat and dog. I
don’t feel well enough to have my grandchildren over that much and they
are the best thing to make me happy. It’s important that we are in this
together. It’s never just you. I have gotten better mentally but there are
always those downs. Knowing I can talk here is great. I thought you might
like to know someone else who doesn’t go do a lot. It was a problem
when I was married. Turns out I married the wrong person. I hope this
let’s talk is helpful to you.

Bob, you were talking about not being able to keep a job because needing to take naps. I have a Pain Pump with Hydromorphone, Fentanyl and Bupivicaine that pumps these Opiiods into my system all day long plus I take up to 4 Hydrocodone 10/325 tablets a day plus 300 mg of Lyrica. I got where I was going to sleep at stop lights, or be driving and all of a sudden realize that I was somewhere I had not intended on going
, just sort of woke up and was there with no memory of going there. My doctor put me on 500 mg of Nuvigil and that hjas solved the problem. Hope this helps you.

What is Nuvigil?