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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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You’ve hit the nail on the head. One thing that needs to change is the pain
rating scale. I am asked give me a number, well do you want my low back, my
neck, my left shoulder, my hips, my lower legs, my right arm? All I know is
my dr needs to step up and help. I’m not the normal patient. I fee as
though I have cancer but have not been told how long do I have. Pain is
pain it is immeasurable from someone looking in, only the person looking
out ever knows! briansr

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LOL!!!! You are so right.


Anyone in the Warrensburg, Missouri area so we could start our own group.
Meet and talk, have some type of socials to get our mind off our problems.
But most of all have someone to tell our problems to, to unload where most
people don’t want to hear about all our problems, even doctors. To be able
to get a couple of pain Drs. to come to a meeting so that we might get them
to understand!

Selna a little late to reply to this but my computer was down plus the internet was not working all at the same time.

My problem with pain reporting is that right at the time they ask I may not have much to report while at other times it can be bad.

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