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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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Hi @briansr and @sharonmay7. Thanks for inquiring about starting a pain group. This is definitely something that is on our radar given the recent increase in discussion on this topic, so a pain group should be coming soon and we will let everyone know when it is ready for discussion!

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@leh09, you are right feeling that no one understands the pain you go
through. And there are others who feel the same way. My pain pain can put
me down for days. But I still have to take medication on my good days to
get things done. I was always an active person even with the health
problems I had to live with. There were Dr.s that wouldn’t take me
seriously, till my neurologist was doing a spinal tap and asked if I felt
any pain which I did. Back then I had a high tolerance to pain,(which I do
not have no more), which I had learned to live with. He told me because I
was trying to be tough is why the other Dr.s wouldn’t take me serious. I
love the Dr. I have now, he knows what I go through and has compassion for
me and his other patients. I hope and pray that you can find a Dr. that
will work with you and your pain. There are some on this post that truly
have severe pain and I don’t feel their pain but I understand their pain,
and what they are going through. Stay in touch, I would love to hear from
you and what you go through. Have a blessed day. Salena


Sale a, thanks a lot I think it will help

Thanks a lot! It is nice to talk to other people who understand what we are doing up at 3 am. Unable to sleep because of the pain.I will be looking forward to meat some more people! Which in my mind means more ideas for new treatment! Thanks, Sharon.

I guess We just need to be thankful we can stand up and take one day at a time!!!!

(Sometimes that is hard to do!) I have been in chronic pain for around 25 years.( I guess it’s been more like 40 years!) I am now 62 yrs. old I have had migraine’s since I was 16!

But If we get my migraines under control I. Won’t be in to bad of shape I will always Hav pain. I’ve been using a fentenol patch 75 mg. and oxyconde. But that is not for my migranes. That is for low back pain. I had a double laminectomy done around age 42. My spine had fallen down and was crunching my spinal cord. The surgeon said I was about 2 months Away from a wheel chair!!!

One thing about pain you know your alive as soon as u open your eyes!! Lol
Hav a good restful sleep. Sharon

FANTASTIC!!!!!! briansr