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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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ladyjane replying – I am in your same round robin or 25 years –
3surgeries with fusion on lumbar and above, numerous epidurals which
do not woork, and cannot take over 40 pain meds. Had to have
neurostimulator removed bec no help, last hope was pain pump. But have
side effects to drugs so refusing that surgery. 4th and last pain
management dr says there is nothing more they can do for 20 odd years
of 8 to 9 pain if I get off the bed and get physical – dressing,
making a meal. I am a young 85. They cannot believe my age. I agree
no more surgeries – have had 5. Some of us do not respond to meds or
end up in hospital w/ side effects. One just has to be strong and
make sure you socialize some or depression is bad. Meditate, by
clearing your mind to peacefulness.

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The pain pump will help and the meds can’t get into your system. Had mine
for five years and it helps my lower back, but that’s all. briansr

I understand what u mean! Depression goes had in hand with pain!!!! I always say “I don’t want to live this way for the rest of my life!” It’s not that I want to die!! I just don’t want this pain!!!! It’s a hard thing to explain to others who are not in our shoe’s,they just don’t understand!! But we have to stay strong! Good luck to you!!! And God bless. Sharon

Thank you Sharon. I’m now facing a surgery consult on the 22nd. After my
last spinal c-3 to c-7 my disk below, c-7 thru t-1, 2, 3, is what their
after. It happens every time and if I don’t have to have the surgery I
won’t. I never get relief afterwords and more disk crumble above or below.
The other surgeries were have tos, I hope this one is not. This is like
having cancer, and I’ve taken care of alot of cancer patients, but the
doctor doesn’t tell you how long you’ve got. I would like to just be
comfortable, but my dr. doesn’t get it. Anyhow how can we set up a real
time discussion group on chronic pain? Have any ideas. Thank you briansr.