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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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I’m not sure about pot taking pain away. If it did and was legal I would
want my Dr to OK it and my pain Dr and I don’t want to be high . I have my
son and daughter in law and grandchildren and I don’t want to be high
around them. T could maybe see if you are having a severe pain crises even
though you are on the most medications you can be. Pot might relax you
and help you sleep and stop the pain crises fast. But I’m sceptical. It
has to be excepted by the medical community for me .

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I have read that there are certain elements in pot that help and you do not need to smoke it, but can take it in pill or some other form. I never smoked so I never used pot, but I have been exposed to second hand pot smoke and it always made me sick like I wanted to throw up, so I had to leave the area where anyone was smoking it. I do not know if it would work for me or not? I would be willing to try it in pill or some form if my doctor wanted me too. 19lin

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Good luck on that!!

@19lin. About the lack of smoking history, I am the same. But the
medical forms of marijuana are VERY expensive and not available in my
state. It is hard for me with 8 – 9 pain level and unable to take any
meds. So hard, bec you need your back to stand, walk and sit.