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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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We have to look to the people who understand our pain. People who are on
are side. They are there. I am not an addict. I have never been addicted to
anything except running eating healthy because they make you feel so good
you are at your bodies optimum. Now I can’t do a lot of moving. I was
getting injuries while healthy, while in physical therapy because I have
a degerative desease, that is hereditary. I used to drink socially. I grew
up in the 70s I grew up with a little drugs I never did anything alone or
to get wasted I just didn’t. When you grow up and have kids you hopefully
don’t have the genes for addiction and you don’t do those things.
Everything I have read opiots for severe chronic pain is exceptable.you
have to be responsible and so that there is nothing to indicate you are
addicted. So really if you were it’s better to find out how to treat your
pain within that. I do a lot of reading about my desease and my situation
you should too

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When pain takes control of one’s body they can’t function in every day
life. Most people in the seventies tried some type of drug, are alcohol.
But didn’t become addicted. But smoking are baking with the drug, one must
be careful, not to by from the street Because they add things to. It’s
better to get a prescription. I have seen some that have had terminal
cancer and had a card from the doctor. An most don’t understand what pain
does to a body, because they have never experienced anything more than
soreness from work hard.:!

I take two rx’s from my doctor plus a pain pump and still can’t control my
pain. I’m 60. and have been dealing with this for 33 yrs. And I’m seeing a
surgeon on the 22nd. C7 t1 to t3 will only have t4 to t11 left if I have
surgery, which I may refuse. Surgery makes me worse and I can’t take much