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I agree regarding TEMS and spinal cord stimulator, early on the doctors told me if the TEMS does not work neither will the stimulator, but I have heard of those who feel the stimulator was helpful to them. I think much of pain control is an individual thing. There is a lot about the pain process and the brain that science does not know yet. 19lin

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I have used Tens units with no relief from chronic back pain. Finally
had a neurostimulator put in back (long incision plus battery
incision). I psyched myself up that this would work for my 8 and 9
pain since it was last resort. I have bad side effects to all meds, so
live with much pain for over 20 years. It did not work and even with
it shut off my body continued to vibrate. Another surgery to remove it
with more scars, over a year later. I have hardware in my back from 3
other surgeries. Told yesterday by 4th pain dr in over 20 years they
have nothing more they can do. Would like to try some marijuana
brownies but do not know where or how.

Have you gone to any pain clinics, and have you had any epidurals? The epidurals I have had from pain Drs who are mostly anesthesiologist and are painless. It’s outpatient you go right home. For me it’s part of my pain treatment. Also I really recommend the American Pain Association on the Internet. They have a lot of information and tools for you. It is another thing that helps.

I am sorry that nothing works for you, I also have tried these with no results. I can use medication but not all of it as morphine does not always agree with me although fentanyl patches do help me. Muscle relaxants help my sciatic type nerve pain which is due to problems with my back. You may also wish to try acupuncture, meditation and relaxation as well as massage and a chiropractor. If you check marijuana on the internet it will tell which states have made it legal for medical treatment. With marijuana they take certain parts out of the plant and use for pain so you do not have to smoke or eat it. If you live near a state where it is legal you might be able to visit there or have a friend or relative get some as long as it is not illegal where you live.

There are many other techniques you can use that might help your pain and all you can do is try them to see if they help. I do know of those who use TEMS and get relief even though it did not work for me. Many like acupuncture but make sure you see someone who is well trained the best will be member of a professional acupuncture association. Good luck I will pray you get some relief. 19lin

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I have had lower back pain for years,  bone on bone, sciatica down the legs. 
After trying everything I had PRP plus amniotic stem cell injections,  plus laser treatments 3 times a week,  then twice a week, and now twice a month.   The injections were done in November and my back is getting  better every day.  It takes a few months for the stem cells to regenerate all the nerves and to build collagen so I am very hopeful I will be completely pain free.   The downside is insurance does not pay for it, and it is rather expensive,  but it beats surgery. I am back at the gym working out three times a week. 

I am so glad to have found this site. I have has Diabetic Neuropathy for
probably 12 years. I have the Chronic pain type mostly in my feet up to
my knees. I also have Arthritis in my very crooked back. So I have two
different types of problems and pain. My average pain level is 5 to 6 on
my good days and worse on my bad days.

I have tried all of the shots for my back, burning of the nerves and
Laminectomy on L2 thru L 4 to take pressure off of the nerves. The only
thing that gave me Back relief was Decompression. After a 15 weeks of
Decompression I actually went about a year with little or no back pain.
After the year it began to come back.

For my Neuropathy I have had Bilateral Endovenous Laser Ablation in both
legs, had Tarsal Tunnel surgery in both ankles and about every medicine
known for Neuropathy. Finally settled on Lyrica, did not help much but
pain was some better. My Doctor took me all the way up to 900 mg of
Lyrica but the pain was no better that at 300 mg, so that is where I have

About 7 years ago, I was told the Spinal Cord Stimulator should help because
it would block the pain messages from getting to my brain. It was
different, definitely a shocking experience. It never blocked the pain
signals, I got where I would use it when my pain was so bad that I needed
something. You men, if you have ever had Jock Itch, the rawness and
itching will drive you crazy. I used to put Alcohol on it at times just
to stop the itching, it burned like Hell but it was not itching. That is
kind of what the Stimulator did for me. Pain was still there but the pain
was vibrating.

My Stimulator battery needed to be replaced so my Doctor told me about a new
Stimulator on the market made by Nevro. It is higher frequency so you
never feel it and don’t have to adjust before you lay down. My Doctor
and the Nevro technicians all told me that the Nevro worked on patients that
did not get relief from the old style. I was excited and agreed to have
it replaced with the new one. The Technicians told me that most patients
will get relief before they have tried 3 or 4 programs. Each program
will have 8 different stages, strengths or something. I don’t really
understand. I must be the lucky one or odd one because I have gone thru
10 programs so far and nothing. I am still optimistic because there are
supposed to be a lot of programs. So maybe I will get lucky yet.

That on top of my Pain pump and my average pain level is 5 to 6. This is
getting too long so that will be another story.

I’m on my 2nd SCS, this one my St. Josephs, my first was Medtronics. St.
Joes also told me there would be no “tingling” or “shocking” feelings. Not
so. I spoke to the rep and he said that technology would be approved this
summer. Not getting my hopes up. I’ve also inquired about an intrathecal
pain pump. How has that worked for you? I’m tired of taking oral opiods
daily. I’m 40 w/13 spine surgeries, most of them being fusions both
cervically and lumbar. I’m going crazy here in AZ and dont know where to
look for help. Thank you for your post and I look forward to your response
and suggestions,


My bad. I meant St. Judes Medical, not St. Josephs.

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