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Thank you for the information. It may take me awhile to process it all. I have read about different studies in journals and what I understand is that there is not a lot known about how pain works. My original pain was called phantom pain which is difficult to get doctors to treat in the 1970’s, but it is more recognized today as valid pain. I also have sciatic nerve pain, but at first I though it was all phantom pain until I recognized the difference between the two. As I got older I gained more different kinds of pain, so now I appreciate pain medicine and I do not like the attempts to prevent us from getting it. 19lin

You are correct in saying there isn’t a lot known about chronic pain. I
currently suffer from sciatic pain. It is some of the most excruciating
pain I have ever experienced. Even the first pain specalist I was seeing
did not take me seriously. I now see a very competent pain specalist who
listens. A nerve block helped imensely. You have to be your own advocate
because no one else will. Good luck.

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