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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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Hi I hope I’m in the right place. I’ve had degenerative disc disease since my early 20 ‘s. And have had injury after injury and lost jobs because of injuries. My last lose of job involved 3discs in my neck. While in treatment for that I was getting epidural a and tramedol I got hit by a pickup truck I was crossing a road and she was turning and didn’t. See me. I could have been left in worse shape I’m very lucky. I had a post concousin and I just can’t more as well. The worst thing that happened is I don’t. Travel well at all. So I stay home all the time. But for Easter I went to my son’s. He lives a few miles a way. I have 4 grandchildren. My son bought them kites from me because that’s what I used to always get them. That was so great for me. He bought kites because I always did. How was everyone’s Easter

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It sounds like you have had a difficult time, but are still keeping your spirits up. Good for you. Do you experience much pain? I have back problems myself and get pains in my left leg that come from my back. I recently found out that using muscle relaxants when I get pain it helps it go away sooner. As many times as I have complained of this pain and no doctor ever suggested muscle relaxants until I went to a neurologist about another manner and asked him. It just shows to keep on asking. I have had this problem for over 40 years.

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