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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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I’m concerned about the new recommended guidelines for opioids. My need is genuine, my dose is low for a chronic pain patient, but I don’t want to have to nearly beg every time I see my pain Doctor. Yes I understand that opioids are not the best choice for chronic pain, but I’ve tried everything else and what I’m on right now works! I haven’t had a dosage increase in a long time however every time I’ve tried to back my dose down the pain is unbearable. I’m so frustrated with it all.

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I agree, I could have said the same thing about my conditions. Even worst for me as a veteran they are trying to pass a law making very difficult if not impossible for veterans to use opioids.

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I understand as well. Both me and my daughter suffer from the same chronic disease.

I guess you would call it chronic pain. I have arthritic type pain since my teen years due to Rheumatic Fever but was very active with work using my body all over for my work. Was a very strong man. I had had Rheumatic fever when I was 10 had a very serious electrical shock when I was 2 years old so both probably are part of what I have had to deal with through the years. In the Spring of 1988 I was working for a engineer company laying fiber optic cable from Cincinnati to Atlanta for AT&T. I was a surveyor and crew chief. I was walking up to 15 miles a day over all kinds of terrain. I seemed to be in the best shape of my life. I was walking out of the office one morning and I had a sharp pain hit me in the chest and it took me to the ground. I called to some of the guys and they came and helped me up. They wanted to call an ambulance but I said I would like for one of them to drive me to the hospital which was only about 5 miles away but they would not. I got in my truck and drove myself to hospital in very excruciating pain. When I got to the hospital the ER was very busy. This was before Triage became popular. I sat in the waiting room for 45 minutes. By the time I got into see the doctor the pain had subsided and they could not see anything on the EKG they said and released me. I could not walk 100 feet with out tiring out and would have to get one of the guys to help me up the stairs to our apartment we were renting. They finally took me back to the home office to work inside the office where it would not be a strain on me. I was still having issues and went to see a heart doctor and he said all he could find was that my heart was slightly enlarged. I finally went to see an endocrinologist and he took blood tests but said he believed I had a relapse of Rheumatic fever. He was right. I spent 40 days in isolation and was at the point of death when he put me in the hospital which was the next day. I spent a year taking penicillin shots and was released back to go to work. I bounced around jobs for a few years because of my health and then got married and moved to Illinois. Just before I moved I had had a sever pain shoot through my left eye and they thought I was having a stroke due to all the symptoms. I went to ER and they said that I had an inflamation of the optic nerve but things did not get better. I was dealing with migraines everyday. It affected my work. When I moved to Illinois I began to see a neurologist who started treating me for Chronic migraines and that same year I was getting a new prescription for my glasses when the eye doctor wanted me to see an Ophthalmologist instead of her which was an Optometrist. When the Ophthalmologist saw me he immediately sent me to a Neuro-Opthalmologist who determined I had had two strokes in my left eye possibly from the migraines. I had Rheumatic fever again in 2008 and left my full time work and started pastoring. I have dealt with pain all my life but it got to the point of debilitating along with more migraine strokes and two normal strokes. I am retired disabled and take 25 mg Nortriptaline 1450 mg Gabapentin 4-10/325 Oxycodone per day every 6 hours 2-40 mg Propanalol and 1- 200mg of Provigal for the Chronic fatigue brought on by the Chronic pain. I feel useless anymore. I can not even help my wife. I have two herniated discs in my back a Compressed Fracture in my back and stenosis of the spine which causes pain. I am not suppose to lift more than 15 lbs. Even with all my meds there are times even the meds do not seem to work and this stuff can get you frustrated and somewhat depressed but I find if I just sing a good old gospel song or just a good song that is and was used to brighten peoples day it helps along ways especially if you spend alot of time to yourself. Did not mean to write a book sorry.