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I have had chronic pain for over 40 years and use strong medicine to fight it. My concern is that there are groups trying to ban opioids for everyone except cancer patients and temporary short term use. 19lin

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Hi @19lin. Welcome to Connect! I understand your concerns and this is a great forum in which to discuss them. I’m tagging @mlemieux, @suebreen54 and @leh09 who may be interested in discussing this as well. I’m also moving your post over to a thread called “Chronic pain – Let’s talk” as I think it’s a good fit for this discussion.

Thank you, I though I was in the Chronic pain group?

You may have been, but this particular thread has been really active recently, so I moved you over here in hopes you could join the conversation 🙂 Some threads are more active than others, so I wanted you to get the most interaction.

How do I get on the thread chronic pain lets talk?

Thank you I appreciate it, but how do you get to this site when I sign on I can not find it?

Hello. I hadn’t heard that some groups were wanting to ban pain medications. I do know that after 11 years of trying to find the cause of my pain, it continues and has gotten worse. There has been no Doctor or treatment that has helped me longterm. And I have been to numerous doctors, practitioners etc. and have had and tried every treatment out there available performed, with the exception of a major surgical procedure. I have had one minor back surgery. My fear is that I will be confined to a wheelchair. I take a pain pill for sleep only, unless my pain gets so bad that nothing else relieves it. I do believe that unless you have experienced pain and know how the chronic condition works, you do not understand it. It is a situation that isn’t understood by many. Our culture is so OC about physical superiority. It is a mindset and pervasive in our culture. Therefore, pain sometimes isn’t “legitimate”. It is important to be active, and people are very lucky if they “just have their health” and can remain active. I had been active-a swimmer, runner, etc. but can no longer swim, do yoga, etc.-even walk. I continue to hope and pray that there is some doctor out there who can help me regain my life. Until then (and numerous appointments and medical bills), I have to rely on a minor opioid medication. I certainly hope that pain medicine isn’t banned. Unless those people trying to deny it to patients legitimately in pain truly understand what chronic pain is, they should not be making any significant medical decisions. It needs to be left in the hands of the patient and their doctor. Hopefully their doctor isn’t only practicing for greed and has the patient’s best interests at heart. Those “high profile cases” involving the very wealthy who have overdosed should not be the guideline to set the standard.