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Chronic pain - Let's talk

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Mar 19, 2021 | Replies (258)

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I am with you!

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I, too, am getting fed up at present with the Constant pain which comes from no-where and then attacks a certain part of my body for a few weeks or so, and then moves onto another spot…………….such is the Fibromyalgia, ME and CFS…(I have had this for nearly 20 years and it is getting much worse, along with increased tremors)……..at present I have severe pain in L) shoulder radiating down into forearm, and nothing is relieving it. I also take Gabapentin, OxyContin, valium, osteo-panadol, Prozac, supplements of Magnesium, melatonin, a mixture of natural vitamins dissolved in my water bottle,, plus other meds for other conditions (husband says I own our local chemist)………….tonight I have resorted to taking an endone as well with my hot packs etc………………if anyone has any ideas re how to reduce the never ending pain that is destroying our lives, please let me know? In answer to the above lady who asks if her dosage of OxyContin is too much, and thinks she should try and reduce, I would say No Way……..we all know how unpleasant we get when in pain, so if this has been prescribed by your specialist, then you need it. (I know the feeling that others may think we are woosses, but they don’t know the pain)………………..thankyou

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