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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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Hi I have chronic pain since 2015 I go to a pain clinic. I used to be involved in the pain association. I’d love to talk anytime. We can do it right here

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I’ve had surgeries, injections, nerve burns, multiple medications, psychotherapy, physical therapy, and been thru the pain rehab clinic. The only thing that works is opioids. I’m tired! Tired of doctors that look at me with suspect, tired of the pain. Just so tired. I keep moving, keep going, ride my bike, grocery shop, cook, and once again I’m so tired of it all. I’m NOT suicidal but those thoughts have entered my mind. I SO WISH that medical marijuana was legal so I could try that. I’ve heard it works well, but I live in a conservative state. I’m trying to get on disability, but have been rejected twice. I now have an attorney that is trying. Enough ranting for tonight but it helps to unload to those that might understand.

I can sympathies. There maybe so other things to try so keep checking on new alternatives and I might suggest you write your elected officials as these are the ones who will make the final decision to shut off opioids. I have tried many things including tems units, acupuncture, and other things. I have not tried hypnosis yet, but that is only because I know of on one in my area who does it for pain. You might try counseling, but be aware any threats of self harm could land you in a hospital. Keep trying to find things that help. One of my big issues is to encourage the development of an objective measure for pain. I think this might help a lot of people as well as doctors. If they could objectively measure our pain and how well pain control methods worked or didn’t work it would make it easier to get better treatment for pain.

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What is the pain assosiation. Ive been in pain for 33yrs, 8spinal surgeries and 5 auto immune diseaces

@briansr Do you mean this chat group, or do you mean a Dr who is part of
a Pain Management group? ladyjane85