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Hi @rspaulling, I moved your message to this existing discussion on social anxiety, depression and bipolar so that you could meet the members who are talking about these. Please meet @missyb57 @jbyrd @book2075. I’m also tagging @trouble4343 @birdbear @lesbatts @lauriedr to join this discussion.

It sounds like you have a great support network at home. What meds are causing the hand tremors?

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@rspaulling, I have essential tremor in my hands and chin; I am also on psychiatric meds that aggravate the condition: Cymbalta and Klonopin. Some of my migraine preventitives also increase the tremor. My psychiatrist prescribed Cogentin to use as needed when the tremor gets too bad. Have you tried this medicine? I find it helpful, especially with the tremor in my chin. I wish you all the best with your mental illness and tremor. There are many of us who deal with adverse side effects from much-needed medications. I used to take more psych meds, to even out the highs and lows, but dropped them due to the tremors. I was dropping dishes, pans of hot food, etc. You have to work with your doctor to find the best combination for you as a whole person. I recommend a pharmacological genetic test such as Assurex to see which meds your body can optimally handle; it helps avoid the trial and error. Google this test; it is fairly inexpensive due to their sliding fee scale if not covered by insurance; it is free for Medicare patients. In the meantime, ask your doctor about Cogentin. Good luck!

I am still working with my psychiatrist. I have dropped Depakote and went to 150 Wellbutrin. Next week I will see her and am trying to see what drug works. Lorazepam works for some shaking and dropping things. It helps me with social anxiety. I am using cognitive behavior therapy to change the way I think about being anxious. It is helping that am a grandmother and go shopping with our daughter and our granddaughter. Rob and i entertain her in the cart while my daughter shops. The hard part is I am still on a cane for a hip replacement. I did participate in a study to use yoga to help my hip recover. That definitely works. Thank you for taking the time to write. My tremor does not help with typing. I bet it is hard for you.

So far Depakote, which I stopped. Now I am remembering what talking fast feels like. Also my psychiatrist halved my Wellbutrin. When I see her again, we will try other drugs that work with mania that don’t have a side effect of tremors.
Thank you for sharing your friends. My daughter thinks I can slow my brIn down by willing to.

So good of you to join this conversation Laurie, and for mentioning the pharmacogenetics testing (PGx). Here is some information about the testing from Mayo Clinic http://mayocl.in/2dxcniz

Laurie did you do the testing? I know that @dawn_giacabazi and @kdubois have done the PGx test and benefitted from knowing their profile.

Yes, @colleenyoung, I have had the PGx testing done. It has helped in so many ways, as I have multiple psychiatric and physical conditions. I have tried to get family members to take this test, but all are skeptical. They don’t believe the science is “real.” It is so frustrating not to feel validated by family who could also benefit from this type of test.

Yes! This testing saved my life!

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