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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

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Welcome to Connect, @kparsons1216. I moved your message to this discussion where you’ll meet @cbs61752 @alicein_wonderland and @kelseydm who have been talking about PCOS recently as you’ll see in the messages above. You may also be interested in reading this discussion where @alicein_wonderland talks about going for extended periods of time without menstruating. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/bleeding/

Ladies, any thoughts for kparsons as she prepares for her appointment with her OB next week and about the pain she’s experiencing?

Kparsons, how are you managing the pain now? Can you make it until the 7th?

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Been taking ibuprofen, with little help.

Hi @kparsons1216. A few thoughts… try taking Midol instead of ibuprofen (it’s specifically designed for this kind of pain) and use a heating pad on your lower abdomen. Also, are you on birth control? If not and that’s an option for you, i’d ask your doctor about it as well. My birth control helps my PCOS SOOOO much! Sending you a hug 🙂

Hi @kparsons1216 I agree with Kelsey Mohring … Midol always gave me better relief than ibuprofen, unless I took 800 mg (4 ibuprofen) and that can mess with your stomach if not taken with food. I’m in the post menopausal stage now and trust me PCOS rears it’s ugly head when you are going through menopause and makes it worse. Unfortunately PCOS stays with you even through those years 🙁 But do try the Midol … it may help you more 🙂