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Yes, I am. There were times I would make an appointment with my PCP because I thought I had a sinus and/or middle ear infection and assumed my headaches where sinus related. All clear was the examination result each time. Later I learned from my headache specialist that the trigeminal nerve was responsible for what I was feeling. Things made more sense for me then.

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My insurance is changing within the next 30 days. This is a good thing. As soon as it does I will be call KU to get into a Neurologist there for a 2nd opinion. I am not interested in doctors throwing meds at a problem and when one works, them saying , I am not sure what is wrong with you, but this med works. So I guess you will be on it forever, goodbye. I would like them to go through the steps to rule things out and at least attempt to find the root of the problem. @caosborn if your trigeminal is responsible as I believe mine is, why is it so pissed off. And how do you calm it down?! It is a nerve so it is part of your nervous system. I know this started for me when I was under a tremendous amount of stress in my life. I am sure all of our nervous systems are taxed. The question is how do you calm down your nervous system when it itself is what is stressing you out now.