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@caosborn, when you say "feeling fullness in both" are you referring to your sinuses and ears feeling full? But they are not? if so, when I finally got in to see my ENT, I was so excited because I thought I knew what was wrong with me (impacted sinuses), and he would come into the room and say, wow your sinuses are impacted. We have to do something about that. BUT, he actually said the opposite. He said he thought I had had sinus surgery because they looked so good. Then he told me that 90% of the people that come to him with sinus issues actually have trigeminal issues. He also said your trigeminal controls everything to do with the sinuses. Mucus, pressure, pain, etc, and that your trigeminal could give you the sensation of pressure and pain in your sinuses when in fact they are clear. I have not been able to have anyone else confirm this since. But, seems to be what both of us are dealing with, if I understand you correctly?

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Yes, I am. There were times I would make an appointment with my PCP because I thought I had a sinus and/or middle ear infection and assumed my headaches where sinus related. All clear was the examination result each time. Later I learned from my headache specialist that the trigeminal nerve was responsible for what I was feeling. Things made more sense for me then.