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Still not diagnosed with bad digestive problems

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I’ve done all the tests over 20 in 9 years , tried all the elimination diets , supplements, food dairy , Food allergy testing , Many SIBO and H- Plyori extended. Breath tests , ultrasounds , mri , you name it .
Been to Mayo Clinic for 3 major tests . 6 Gastro Drs in 2 states .
6-7 diagnoses.. still I suffer day and night .
I hate eating anything , because I have so many horrible symptoms.
My gut never stops churning , I deep wet belch over 1000 x a day and night . It kicks up my pvcs in heart ♥️. The belches all taste like gut lining but not acid , like sewer water .
I’m just as bad on empty stomach. I eat small and healthy for years .
Get IBS- D here and there .
Can’t eat out , can’t take out or order in . No fast food , no caffeine, low dairy , went gluten free didn’t work , did the No/ sugar / to low carb Keri diet . Didn’t work .
Just live on Ultra Pepto for years . And Heart Calm for my pvcs ( triple magnesium, 3 diff ) w/ Q-10 and potassium. Google it if you get pvcs or PAC’s w/ your digestive stuff .
It’s a living nightmare for almost a decade .
Like you , I’m usually at my wits end .
Plus sleep 💤 bad so daytime fatigue.
Going to yet another Gastro at new place in Orlando in Oct .
Don’t know what else to do .
You can hear my gut and intestines in next room. I wish you good luck 🍀 in your journey.

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Oh Rozy, I am so sorry to hear how long you have endured so much💖 This has
got to be the most misunderstood and hard to diagnose medical issue. People
used to think I was making it up and now they finally understand. God give
us the strength to keep trying (i am getting weary and depressed)🌷☀️