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MAC antibiotics and side effects

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Dec 29, 2023 | Replies (158)

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Hi Sue, for the first year I had sputum cultures every 6 months, and they were positive. At that point the ID doc and pulmonologist suggested we rely on an annual CT and symptoms, since there was no plan to treat.
I recently asked if we should do another culture "just to be sure" nothing else is there - I am waiting for a reply.

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hi Sue, I’m finally seeing an ID doc end of this month. I have slight bronchiectasis and MAC. I have endless white/clear sputum. it gurgles in my chest and easily comes past my esophagus all the time. I barely need to start my autogenic drainage, it’s just always ready to be expelled. I do saline nebulizing after a quick albuterol dose every day just in the hopes that the saline is killing some bacteria. This has been my story since November diagnosis. I am 65 and very athletic, my oxygen saturation is excellent. I have two lines of thought. I wonder if you can help me work through. 1) I am leaning towards diving into the big three protocol with fingers crossed, and a hopeful attitude that I will be a lucky one and sail through without terrible side effects. this decision is being prompted by my understanding that chronic inflammation is a terrible enemy in this fight. do you think I am balancing my considerations intelligently? And, 2) when I do my airway clearance, at the end of the saline dose, I’ll extend my expelling time with autogenic drainage and push this whole process close to an hour. This easily produces a half a cup! Then, I just get bored, distracted, fed up and walk away. I’m good for the day, as far as not needing to cough, which has been a godsend. But I am constantly producing all day long, and either subtly or not so subtly expelling it. I’m starting to think I should have a marathon session and just keep going with the autogenic drainage… Is that crazy? To sit for hours and just expel expel expel? Thanks as always for your insight!