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MAC antibiotics and side effects

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Breathe a sigh of relief. The treatment for pseudomonas is much shorter than MAC and uses a different family of antibiotics. I beat it back in 2 months with 3 courses of oral meds and one month of inhaled Tobramycin. As far as I know it has not returned since 2018.
That is a bug you want out as it causes nasty pneumonia if it becomes chronic and deep seated.
Yes if they send your sputum for a culture it takes 6-8 weeks to find out if there is NTM. The report says they didn't see tuberculosis (Mycobacteria tuberculosis).
I absolutely agree that if you are not comfortable with your doc's expertise you should be seen in the Cedars Sinai system. I was lucky that my ID doc had a working relationship with NJH, so I felt well cared for.
But if the labs show pseudomonas , maybe consider starting treatment while waiting for a new appointment?

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Sue, your comments are always so thoughtful and helpful. We appreciate your mentoring immensely.
I was wondering, you mention that your condition/symptoms have been stable the last few years, do you have regular sputum cultures? How often? And do the cultures still show NTM/MAC? Thank you if you want to share.

I will see Cedars dr this Weds, 7/12 (yay!). Labs show I am resistant to Tobramycin and I had a very bad reaction to Cipro when taken for my GI problem. So, I will see what my new Cedars dr has to say. I am hopeful a good plan will follow. Thanks so very much for your expertise and support, Sue.