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Still not diagnosed with bad digestive problems

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Hi Beebe, Thank you so much for your very informative post. I have been wondering if a Dietician would work with me - of course my insurance probably wouldn't cover that. I started a food diary this morning along with any symptoms I get. Also, just today I am starting to drink lots of water. One more question for you... Where do I start? There are so many tests and so many diets to pick from. FODMAPS I read doesnt work. What a puzzling health problem this is.
Once again, thank you so much. It is so nice to talk to people who understand💖

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Hi ladydi,
Great news you have started a food diary, remember to include your supplements in the diary too. I have found that Magnesium Oxide gives me horrible gas. Check the ingredients in your supplements and see if they contain any artificial sugars, I recently found sorbitol listed as an ingredient in gluten free tortillas! Some of the fibers they add to supplements and foods can be irritating while your gut is inflamed. (See #4 below for checklist).

I have found beef gelatin to be helpful in healing my gut. You can add it to water and drink it or make Jello, which is what I do. I make lemon jello sweetened with Monk fruit, it ends up a little sour since I try to limit my sugar exposure but tastes great to me. Be aware that store bought bone broth contains cartilage which can feed harmful gut bacteria so it is best to make your own at home. Home made chicken broth is great for healing too. I am retired so all of this detective work and extra food prep has been doable for me. Hope you can find the time to help yourself.


1. Monash University, FODMAP diet. This Australian University has been a leader in FODMAP research. The FODMAP diet they developed is not meant to be permanent, it is a diagnostic tool. Their app is wonderful; if you find a category of food that bothers you the app has "safe" amounts of those foods that you can eat so you do not totally eliminate them from your diet. As you heal you may be able to add foods back in that originally tested as problems.


2. Heather's IBS website. She sells acacia fiber and some other supplements which can be a turn off but I think her way of altering your diet is good for some people. Not all IBS has the same source that causes they symptoms.


3. Dr Nirala Jacobi SIBO doctor website. Dr Jacobi lives in Australia and has been a leader in working with SIBO patients and had SIBO herself. :



4. Dr.Alison Siedbecker


5. Top indicators of SIBO


Before you seek out the help of a Dietician get your blood tested for gluten intolerance and the SIBO test. Look for a Dietician that specializes in IBS. I went to a general Dietician who probably knew how to help Diabetics, Overweight folks, and kidney disease patients, but was no help to me.

Best of luck and happy hunting!