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Complications after Chlamydia & PID

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Hi! I’m quite dealing with the same thing.
I have Chlamydia in may last year and my doctor gave me azytromicin (3 pills) and vaginal pills for seven days. After that I tested negative for chlamydia but I have had a lot of vaginal discharge. From that time to now on I have been treated with metrodinazol for BV, treatment for yeast and fungi etc… probiotics and natural vaginal products… but nothing helped me.
I know how you feel!!! I’m feeling really devastated and hopeless.
I have vaginal discharge for more than one year and I have to treat it with some products because when I don’t do that it gets worse: itching, burning and swelling.
I’ve been tested 2x for STD’s: mycoplasma, ureaplasma, 3 x for chlamydia, a lot of pathogen bacterial test, HPV… etc but all were negative.
My discharge is very white and in one piece, something like sticky.
I’ve changed 10 doctors but no one can find solution. They are very like easygoing telling me that there is no problem but I feel every day that there is something going on in my body… it is not normal to have tons of vaginal discharge every day and it is not normal to put vaginal pills every night for one year.

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I’m exactly the same, it’s been going on for 3 years and I’ve seen over 5 gynaecologists and over 10 doctors but nothing seems to be coming up on tests.
I have swelling on my vulva, excess white discharge, can’t even get wet, keep getting bartholian cysts. I don’t know what to do anymore 😩