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Sudden onset neuropathy and scared

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I had a sudden onset, literally overnight. First my right foot then left. It felt like I was stepping on pebbles and then I couldn’t feel them. Had to give up driving and walking my dog. Now I can barely walk around my house and need my Walker or I will fall. It took months to get an appointment with a neurologist who diagnosed length dependent peripheral neuropathy. She referred me to the local spine clinic. I had a consultation with the neurosurgeon’s assistant who was ready to sign me up for surgery. I was not ready to take that step and nowhere did I see information that suggested neuropathy could be cured by surgery. As my condition has continued to deteriorate and involve the proper functioning of my digestive system I am going ahead with surgery. My neurosurgeon thinks that my spinal stenosis and spondiliothesis(spelling?) are causing my neuropathy. We shall see, my sciatica at least may be helped.

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Hi Louise,
You don't happen to have a copy of the MRI narrative report do you? I ask because before you do surgery you might want to know the degree of spinal stenosis. When the spinal cord is compressed it is usually referenced in terms of the thecal sac. That is the membrane surrounding the spinal cord. Is the stenosis in your lumbar region I assume? You can also have foraminal narrowing. The foramin are the ends of the spine-the ones that stick our from the main body of the spine. You can get symptoms when they have severe narrowing as well. Spondylosis is a broad term to reference the age-related changes of the spine and is called degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis. But spondylolisthesis is a whole other thing. That causes discs to fall under another. I just had surgery for the same thing but in my cervical spine. I attached a link that describes the condition. I'm very happy to hear there is an answer for you. How soon is your surgery? https://orthoinfo.aaos.org/en/diseases–conditions/spondylolysis-and-spondylolisthesis