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Ive had IC for 12 years I take Elmiron 3 times a,day & it has,truly helped me with it. It is VERY expensive like about $700 a month but since it is the obly drug for IC my insurance covers it i just have my copay. I did have bladder instills for over 2 years when first diagnosed & they themselves were horrifically painful. They used a chemical called DMSO in tgrm & it was like setting my bladder on fire. What actually seemed to help were the bladder distensions when they would go in & look inside my bladder & somehow tgey blow it up or full it up to & I would actually get a couple pain free months afterwards Good luck with your pain & your treatment

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DMSO is one type of medication. If your bladder is sensitive to that typeb of installation, they can try different variations to see what you can handle.
These days, a bladder cocktail of lidocaine, sodium bicarbonate, heparin and gentamicin are more common. Some doctors use bupivacaine, triamcinolone along with heparin and gentamicin.
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I just had a cystoscope with distention. I have had negative bladder infection results from my urologists. I changed to a urogyn and she diagnosed the problem on the first visit. I take hydroxyyzine at bedtime and AZO during flare ups. Ihave tried other meds but they are either too expensive or didn’t help