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Hello, @reillyg1013, your post is interesting to me because to my mind almost anything is 'possible', and I'm always curious to wonder about why things are the way they are, even when they are out of the ordinary. May I ask, do you mean restless leg syndrome when you wrote RLS? Also, I'd imagine that you have tried various methods to ameliorate the constipation-- do you mind sharing what you've tried and what you've found to be more helpful, or less so?

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Hello @scolio
Yes to your RLS question- I have had it since childhood ( so I am going to assume genetics are to blame) . I was on pramipexole for almost 3 years, but it wasn’t working so well anymore and some of my behaviors finally made me do a deep dive into the med. I just stopped it cold turkey 3 days ago. I wish I had found this site sooner, I never would have taken it at all.
As far as the constipation goes, I tried all the usual things doctors suggest, I was even a participant in one of the drug trials for a very popular drug often recommended. First of all, let me state that a high fiber diet is one of the worst things for me, it binds me up terribly. I have relied on certain foods that seem to help my system- Australian black licorice-, & low fat ice cream with fake sugar. I used to wait up to 2 weeks of constipation before I would resort to these, but now I don’t wait any longer than 5 days. I started eating 1 cup of a cold oats (Brekki) every night, so far my body has been responding well. Last week I added a probiotic capsule with 60 billion CFU.
I am scheduled for a colonoscopy in a few weeks, but they are making me start the protocol a week before- no vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, plus miralax every day, then the usual pre day prep.