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My mom past from this. She felt bad and her back hurt first. Cancer doctor said she had a tumor on her kidney that was well encased and all would be ok. I am convensed that she had the multiple myeloma then as well. The tumor was removed by kidney cancer doctor and she healed but continued to have pain and fatigue, loss of appetite but at 80 we knew she was always active, good blood pressure, heart good. She was always a little round German woman like the rest of her family. We were going to the Houston Cancer center for checkup, but some months later they decided to take an x=ray because she felt so bad. Nurse only took kidney area, then said they needed to take a body scan. Mom said they found lots of white spots in her xray. Weeks later she got a letter saying she had a cancer. 2 weeks later she called me and she was so weak she could hardly move and I called 911. Parametics could find nothing. They had a drive-by status at all hospitals, so I rushed her to Houston and she died in my car 2 times. The ER rushed her in and she died again and they all revived her. Fortunately, I had grabbed all her mail from doctors and they couldn't believe myeloma developed so quickly. Transfusions and her fragil veins were too much for her to continue treatments in ICU. I am hoping that when anyone has any illness, especially cancer to get another opinion. Medicare will alow 3. Specialist are not necessarily going to just rush around your body looking for more stuff. My case in point. I was sure my husbands mole was cancer and the cancer dermatologist said no. I ordered her to remove it because he had skin cancer before. Tests proved it was cancer. That Dr. is no longer at MDAnderson. Another case, is both my legs were trapped between 2 stacks of lumber and torn ligaments and tendons resulted. The leg doctor said surgery! A second opinion was therepy first, then see what happens as he looked at 6 MRI and felt nothing looked urgent. Now, I am better, so I could continue to see if therepy is fruitful then see what I can live with. Then decide how much I can tolerate or have surgery. He said my injuries may or may not get better, but my legs werent going to fall off. I was once told by my family to always get more opinions. Sometimes one person can see something that another doesn't. A surgeon is a surgeon and that is what they do everyday. That's how they make a living. Long term care is not. But you should not delay the 2nd opinion either. Just saying.

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@germangal My condolences on the loss of your mother. You're very right that we need to be our own advocates for health. Understanding our conditions and educating ourselves to make an informed decision for treatment is so important. I cannot expect my medical team to know me better than I know myself! Reliable sources of information and education are crucial.