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Adjusting to life with temporal arteritis

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@sophie32 You said that you were diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteritis by a rheumatologist and that he suggested that you change your diet. Did he also give you medications to take or suggest a plan of care?

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This is my diagnosis and care plan for Giant Cell Arteritis : On the morning of January 27,2021 my ophthalmologist did a vision test and field of vision test. I was delighted as my vision tested at near 20/20, corrected, better than usual. I returned home, decided I should check with my Internal Medicine Dr. on the dark hard veins that had appeared on my forehead under my shaggy quarantine hairdo a few days ago, and had not mentioned to the Ophthalmologist. I was told to come in as soon as I could although I had no other symptoms. The Internal Medicine Doctor, felt the "veins", which were actually arteries, and immediately ordered C-RP and Sedimentation Rate blood tests, read the results, which were elevated.. He ordered a biopsy for next day by a Rheumatologist who diagnosed GCA, but as far as I know is not part of the care plan. I was put on 40 mg Prednisone for 20 days, then 30 mg for 9 days before the biopsy was read. I protested that, but took the drug anyway. I had a facetime visit by phone with my Internal Med Doctor, who is in charge of my treatment, a week later. My second C-RP and Sed test was yesterday, which is one month after my first ones., Apparently inflammation was wiped out.
My readings: Sed rate:Auto on Jan 27 was 67, on Feb 25 was 3 (0 -30 mm/hr) .
C-Reactive Protein on Jan 27 was 3.90 and on Feb 25 was less than 0.30 (0.00 – 0.50 mg/dL
My Prednisone dose is now cut to 20 mg/day.