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Adjusting to life with temporal arteritis

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I do pretty good. I know if I overdue my overheating seems to happen and I'm then fatigue. Hate grocery shopping as I always feel by the time I get to register I just want to leave the groceries and go. Have the hair sweat really bad to the point of using kleenex to squeeze the dripping out. I always feel people at grocery are staring at my due to it and thinking SHE must have a fever. Have had the head overheating problem before diagnosted with PMT. It seems to happen when I overdue. I have COPD/ Asthma also diagnosed years ago. Also old case of Lymes found on testings in June 2020. Wish I had more than GP sometimes guiding me but he does seems to be helping and knows how to decrease prednison. He has checked thyroid for the overheating but a okay. I often wonder if to much medication causes the overheating? I also want to loose more weight and I think that is the biggest hurdle I could do to help myself even exercising small at first and working upward. Being more aware of bad carbs and sugar in foods also will help us. We will be winners.

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Hello Delilah 2020,
Your hormone level might be off, and that causes the head sweats.
My cousins wife had the same problem, back in the 1950 and 1960s. Fay was very heavy about 300 plus pounds. She got a diet doctor, lost 125 pounds, most of her Rx was watched. What also helped was she got very short haircuts, and dressed lightly , even in winter.
It’s possible you are dressing too warm for your grocery shopping.
Have you thought of carrying a small bottle of water that you keep in the freezer?
And lastly, could it be anxiety, or stress?
Hope you get relief, but number one is to lose weight. As you know. Being overweight will cause many health problems.

You described my grocery shopping experience exactly…once at the cashier, I just want to get out of there and my hair is like I just stepped out of the shower. I must admit that I am more aware of what food I'm buying. I am overweight but never had these symptoms before prednisone. Losing weight is definitely on my agenda but wish I had more energy to get there…. Today, I lower my prednisone to 20mg. after starting at 60mg. 3 months ago so we'll see how this goes. You are right…we will get thru this and be winners…