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Salt Rooms for COPD

COPD: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease | Last Active: Mar 17 10:24am | Replies (23)

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I have never heard of a salt room. After several Doctors, I was not diagnosed with COPD…until 2012…Too late for me, caused by smoking, for 50 Years( I’m 79, as of 6/8!!) I have been on oxygen 24/7, since 2017. I have a wonderful Pulmonologist, and God, who “brought me back”basically from the end of my life. ICU, and in acting my DNR. I’m tough, and will never give up. I have been in a Nursing Home, since November, 2022. Hope I haven’t depressed you…since I started out, responding to the salt room! Take care

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I am one of those "smokers" too for about 50 of my 71 years. For my participation in that habit I got bladder cancer. I haven't heard of salt rooms either. If it helps you then go for it. I am glad that your God and doctor were around to keep you going. I hope they are taking good care of you at the home. I am still at home but I don't know for how long. You haven't caused me any depression, in fact it's good to hear from a person with a never give up attitude. Hang in there and take care.

It was very good to hear from you. I am going to be 82 soon and right now I am getting along but I am aware that I was diagnosed 20 years ago at Ne. Heart Inst. with FMD. I paid thousands for that diagnosis and recently was told I don’t have it by a dif. Dr. Any suggestions? Carolyn/Omaha