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Just found this site and after reading many of the posts I am realizing that the encouraging words from my ENT are not preparing me for what may lie ahead. I am a 50-year-old reasonably healthy male with no medical history. I started spitting up blood in March. ER couldn't find anything and it stopped after a couple of hours. I felt fine so I ignored it until I started getting a really sore throat 2 months later which culminated in spitting up more blood. Saw an ENT who used a scope to look at my throat. The blood was coming from my left tonsil and the ENT said it was cancer; a week later, I had it removed. The biopsy confirmed p16+ Squamous Cell Carcinoma. 18 days later, I am nearly fully recovered from the tonsillectomy and trying to prepare for the next steps. This week I have to get an all-clear from my dentist and get my PET scan done to start radiation in 2 weeks. The Oncologist said Chemo might not be necessary if the PET scan returns as she hopes. I am wondering if there is anyone who has not experienced horrible side effects from radiation therapy or who might have tried alternative treatments.

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@dloliver my cancer was near the vocal cords, the "Pyriform Sinus." On this site, I have written extensively about my experience with radiation, and other facts. One is "Red Light Therapy (RLT)." You can purchase a little wand for under 20 dollars. My views on this therapy are very positive. This is because after a slow recovery and two "Swallow Studies," my ability to eat, drink, and talk, returned after approximately one year. Also, after radiation was over, the speech therapist prescribed many exercises of the mouth, tongue and throat muscles. According to the research online, RLT has proven to have positive implications on radiated tissue.
As for alternative treatments, I tried several methods like no sugar, molasses and baking soda (I still shudder), etc. They did not work for me.
Lastly, the Oncologist explained that Chemotherapy would increase my survival chance by 1-2 % with a huge risk of hearing loss. I chose to not have the process.
I wish you the best and remember that time will heal.