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Salt Rooms for COPD

COPD: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease | Last Active: Mar 17 10:24am | Replies (23)

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I’m sorry I have never heard of that. I have high blood pressure, and am being treated for high potassium, and am on a salt free diet, so no additional salt needed near me.

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I have never heard of a salt room. After several Doctors, I was not diagnosed with COPD…until 2012…Too late for me, caused by smoking, for 50 Years( I’m 79, as of 6/8!!) I have been on oxygen 24/7, since 2017. I have a wonderful Pulmonologist, and God, who “brought me back”basically from the end of my life. ICU, and in acting my DNR. I’m tough, and will never give up. I have been in a Nursing Home, since November, 2022. Hope I haven’t depressed you…since I started out, responding to the salt room! Take care

From everything that I have read about Halotherapy, as it is called, this salt treatment has no effect on high blood pressure. Also, it is supposed to lower inflammation, not increase it. I would look up all the research that has been done, rather than take someone's word for it. Even the FDA has approved it. Keep in mind that this is not just your everyday Norton's Salt etc. However, rather than try to explain it all here, I encourage people to look up the information themselves. I have not yet tried it myself, still reading everything that I can find on it, and it looks very promising! I most likely will be trying it in the very near future!