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Hip replacement and revision, metalossiss

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Hello, it is good that you had a revision to remove the metal on metal hip. How are you doing now? We're you able to get a new hip implanted?

I will repeat, the good news is that once the bad parts are gone, your body slowly excreted the metal. 13 months after my second division (I had two metal on metal hips) my serum chromium and cobalt levels fell below dangerous levels.

On the other hand, you will need to do your own detective work. Find out what implant you had (brand and serial # of each part) from the original surgeon or hospital, or from the doc who removed them. Do some searching for your components on Google to see if you are entitled to any compensation for the revision.If the parts were subject to a recall, were you notified? How did you find out about the metallosis?

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Thank you for your gracious reply.
I am learning to walk since my 3rd surgery on my left hip. I did receive a ceramic hip socket (acetabulum) and cemented pelvis revision with 5 self tapping screws from the damage the metal on metal implant I had back in 2007.
I am glad to hear my body will excrete this metal b/c it is concerning to me. I want my primary to take a blood test to see what my levels are now. That should happen at my next appointment. I did get the type of implant and brand and it was a recall and I was NEVER notified. I just was dealing with the pain. I found out through a blood test before this revision.
It has been a whirlwind of pain all year in so many different areas of my body.
Thanks again