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Hip replacement and revision, metalossiss

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Chances are you did not have metal on metal hip replacement done in 2015 - they fell out of favor before that due to the metallosis risk. To find out for sure, contact the original hospital and surgeon. They will have a record of exactly which hip implant was used. Every component has a serial number and is registered. They can tell you manufacturer, make & model for each component.

Next question - why did they do the revision this year? Was because you had a dislocation? Or they thought or knew you had metallosis? (confirmed by a blood test showing elevated metal levels in your blood?) If no test was done, the surgeon who did the revision this year should have been clearly able to see if metallosis was present - it shows up as damage in the tissue and/bone.

Now for the VERY good news! If you had metallosis from the old hip implant, replacing it took care of the problem. Now that the bad parts are no longer in there shedding metal into your blood, your body can cure itself! Over a period of several months, the blood carries the stray metal ions into your liver, where the "detox" takes place - it breaks down and is carried away as urine.

How is the new hip doing?

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The hospital where first surgery was done ,changed hands twice doesn't keep records past 7 yrs I was told I did have blood work did have high levels of metal, I did have the fluid and metal shavings in tissue ,new hip just dislocated x-ray shows something, around new joint I could see that waiting for precert for MRI to see what is going on was told another possible surgery among other things only been 6 mos!!!