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Thankfully he doesn't seem to be in pain just loosing weight rapidly. I try to make meals to give him nutrition but that isn't enough and he won't drink ensure so cooking big meals that last him all week is my o ly option.

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Hello again @talkativeinfl

Since you've joined Connect, I've read many of your posts and I sense the stress that you are experiencing. You want to do what is best for your husband, and because of his unwillingness to try these suggestions, it may feel to you like your hands are tied. It seems that he is content to just let nature takes its course. Am I understanding your situation correctly?

As it has been suggested in another post, please know that when the stress of caregiving becomes too much for you to bear alone, that you can call in hospice, (with a doctor's script) and simply explain to your husband that caring for him is more than you can do alone and that you need some help from outside sources. It is important that you take care of yourself.

Be assured that your husband, despite his seemingly indifference to your suggestions for the help, is probably very appreciative of your concerns and you wanting to help him.

Hello @talkativeinfl

As it has been a few months since you last posted, I was wondering how your husband is doing. Is he still losing weight? Any changes in his willingness to try treatments?