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Diagnosis: pleomorphic sarcoma

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In 2017 I was diagnosed with Pleomorphic Liposarcoma. It took 5 weeks after the biopsy procedure to get the diagnosis. Who knows why it took so long!? In that time the sarcoma grew to the point that it was visible under my shirt. The surgeon said it was a low grade sarcoma and they could remove it and I would be playing golf in a week. He lied!! Fortunately, my wife asked for copy of the diagnosis. When we got to car and read it, it said “high grade, aggressive.” No longer trusting the surgeon, I called my primary doctor in Minnesota and he got me scheduled for an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester 3 days later. I am convinced that this saved my life. From being presented with the diagnosis, in Florida, on Monday I was on the surgical table, in Minnesota, Friday morning. 10 weeks later the surgical wound had healed to the point that I could start Radiation and Chemo. Many adventures and potential setbacks occurred over the next several years, but I have complete faith in the protocols and procedures used at Mayo. I know that I am in the hands of the BEST team of medical professionals available anywhere. They saved my life!

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Hello @rggj,

As I read your post and saw that your wife asked for a copy of the report and saw that it gave a different picture of what was actually going on. I realized that your story points out the importance of each of us knowing our medical history, reading reports and then getting another opinion if that is necessary.

It is important that each of us advocate for ourselves, and this can only be done by having a good understanding of what is happening. I'm pleased for you that you found the help you needed at Mayo Clinic.