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Alveolar soft part sarcoma

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Hello, My Daughter (28) has a mass removed from her back on May 5th 2023. Tests results came back positive or Alveolar Soft Tissue Sarcoma. She is scheduled for MRI and CT scan on Friday the 16th. I am trying to get her to the Mayo Clinic or MD Anderson. Can you tell me where your sister is being treated and what type of treatment they are doing? We are looking for a specialist in Sarcoma. They said she will need a second surgery to go in and make sure all the bad tissue has been removed as well as tack out good tissue around the infected area.

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@cas2800 I’m sorry about your daughter, I know this could be overwhelming and stressful, we are from Arizona and tried having her go to Mayo Clinic, but her insurance doesn’t cover it. And to pay out of pocket for consultation and exams it was a lot of money for us. She’s currently being treated at banner health university of Arizona. She had surgery and will be doing radiation to make sure nothing was left behind. She will be having an appointment with her oncologist Tuesday for the next process. Idk if she will be in some type of treatment since she did not have any other tumors in her lungs or pelvis or brain. I wish you all the best luck. Have straight!! This is not a curable but it’s treatable. Keep me updated. I wish I was helpful. I could send you info on her sarcoma surgical doctor if you reside in Tucson Arizona.