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Ray Kemble (@ray666)

What to ask a podiatrist?

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Ray - I was at a family cookout in MD today, at my sisters house with 4 sibs I hadn’t seen in 18 months, and some next generation. There were 2 unsafe (for me) steps to get in the house from the patio. No railings, and with my PN I can’t even do a curb unassisted, but I could hold the door knob and do Ok by myself for those 2 steps. But each of the 4 times I tried to go in and out, some kind soul would insist on holding the door open for me. They just didn’t realize I needed the door closed so I could hold onto the knob until I was on the top step, then I could open and go through the door! They got the gist of it after seeing a few times how the closed door was a tool, but I felt blessed how they all wanted so much to help!

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Hi, Debbie

That's all it takes: two steps – two steps can be insurmountable!

Others may have heard me tell this story before, but it was just two steps that led to my quitting acting. I had known that my balance was bad, and getting worse almost every day. The night of our first rehearsal I took set designer aside and requested that any steps he was planning have good sturdy handrails. Then, driving home later that night, I said to myself, "Good lord, Ray, you've never before had to ask a set designer to accommodate your disability!" That was a wake-up call. I decided then and there – not so much to quit acting – but to take a hiatus, at least until I'm ready to toddle around on stage with a cane or other apparatus.

So, oh yes, two steps – that's all it takes! LOL