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What to ask a podiatrist?

Neuropathy | Last Active: Jun 17, 2023 | Replies (58)

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@ray666 - Hi Ray - since our symptoms are somewhat alike (although I can't walk in my bare feet due to drop foot), I wanted to let you know that my early diagnosis was strictly on the sensory side, no motor issues, no balance problems. As it progressed (gotta think back)...as the sensory became more intense with increased numbness, the gait became an issue as did the balance, etc. When the neurologist at Mayo told me there is no cure for my neuropathy, it was not a shock to me but a surprise because all along, I thought it was my back or knees causing my neuropathy. What I didn't realize back then that I have now come to realize is how this can impact our lives, our ability to do things. I still do many things I did 5 years ago only in a different way and it takes a little longer which is fine. To steal an expression - "Cheers" !! Ed

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Yesterday I went to my my first (crowded) sports venue since the start of my PN. I was nervous, cane only, and logged a record number of steps for the day (4x average). It was absolutely amazing how people helped me along the way even with my husband there. Stepping off curbs, letting me ahead in lines etc. On our long way out of the stadium, one friendly chatty man took it upon himself to tap everyone’s should ahead of us to politely clear the way for us. For my safety. ( I think he was a bit inebriated as were some of the off balance people ahead of me, unless they too had PN or something 😊). I just think on the most part people are genuinely caring and want to be helpful!