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What to ask a podiatrist?

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A doctor who listens? It takes a special breed. Although, I'm sympathetic. As I leave any of my doctors' offices, I'll see my doctor hunkered down in a corner, typing furiously on his laptop, trying furiously to keep abreast of his day's paperwork; he'll glance at the wall clock to see how many minutes he has before his next patient is waiting in the exam room, huffing and puffing and wondering why the doctor is late. It may be more of a problem in my doctors' offices, but it seems to me there's something self-defeating about a system that keeps doctors running like hamsters in a revolving cage. My podiatrist is special, however, I will admit that. I value him for his patience.

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My best PCP ever has pretty good dictation software and was so good that I had a paper copy of my visit notes given to me by her nurse at checkout! Any mistakes in them a”we’re trivial, even sometimes humorous like when you ask Siri or Alexa something. I think it’s good when doctors do their notes in the minutes between patients (that’s hopefully part of their appointment scheduling system). When I have to wait 1+ weeks for visit notes to post on my portal, there’s a tendency for more errors or omissions. If I waited until the end of the day or later to summarize my workday, my memory would not facilitate good reports! Boy has the medical system changed - I guess it’s had to in order to keep up with patient expectations and accountability now, and understand how cost constraints make it hard for them to keep up.